Our Story

“We were going through really, really tough times with poverty and not being able to have resources to study and so my parents decided to come here.

Hi, my name is Carlos Mendoza, and this is Rustic Yard Events.  Rustic Yard Events is a farm-style rental boutique.  We specialize in rustic rentals and really anything that has to do with wood and the outdoors.  Our products are unique because we make our tables by hand and we also have wine barrels, the lighting, lounge furniture, dishware that when we put it all together, it becomes a wonderful scene for when they enter an event.   

I am an immigrant. I was born in Guatemala.  I came here when I was about seven years old.   Originally, we were going to be here a few years.  We were going to go back to Guatemala.  I never imagined myself I ended up staying here and building life here. Throughout the years that has motivated me to own a company, start my own business and succeed here in this amazing country. 

I’ve worked in event rental company for about 10 years. We started Rustic Yard Events after we got laid off from our jobs.  We took a huge risk when we opened this business and it was a good risk.  

At Rustic Yard Events, we specialize in rentals for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and any other social event.   We provide a huge variety of rentals. Our clients can come in, play around with their own style, their own take on what they can express throughout the different types of equipment that we provide. 

Today we are at Stonehurst in the San Fernando Valley.  We are currently working on a wedding.  Here you see the ceremony spaces, the reception space and all of our wedding furniture. It’s all Rustic Yard Events.  We are there hand-in-hand with our customers throughout the whole process of the wedding or any event that they are having from start to finish.

You know what, I would say there’s not an actual formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Throughout the years, we’ve really studied the industry.  We’ve got to know our clientele and you know just work hard.”

Carlos Mendoza
Rustic Yard Events Owner